The Feng Shui Detective Goes South

by Nury Vittachi

ISBN 1 876631 341


Publication date: June 2002


The latest novel in the Feng Shui Detective series, which has now been sold to six foreign countries, brings CF Wong to Sydney! In Singapore, Mr Wong and other members of the Union of Industrial Mystics are introduced to a young woman who, all their mystical arts tell them, is doomed to die. Their desperate efforts to save her eventually lead CF Wong and intern Joyce McQuinnie to Sydney, where the book climaxes at the Opera House, a building with appalling feng shui.

The first book in this series, a collection of short stories The Feng Shui Detective, was praised for introducing a lively new cross-cultural partnership into crime fiction. CF Wong is a feng shui consultant but his cases tend to involve more than interior decoration. He and his brash young intern, Joyce McQuinnie, travel around Asia solving crimes and trying comically to come to terms with each other's language and behaviour.


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