Be Not Afraid

by Cardinal George Pell

ISBN 1 876631 97 X


Publication date: November 2004


Here are the best of forty years of sermons, articles and talks by Cardinal George Pell. With warmth and compassion, he covers the big subjects that sooner or later confront us all – love, life, happiness, loneliness, suffering and death. Cardinal Pell writes about Christ and His teachings, the Gospels, the Cosmos, Our Lady and the Saints and the great Christian celebrations of Christmas and Easter. St Augustine, 1600 years ago, wrote of God ‘healing the eyes of our hearts.’ George Pell’s insights into human nature and his generous spirit leave readers with something of that same healing.

Covering topics from Harry Potter and Mother Teresa to organ donors and family life, from reminiscences of childhood and old friends to studies of heroes through the centuries, the collection also includes a special section written for young people.

‘The clarity and directness of these sermons make this book particularly precious. It is a joy to read this volume and to share something of Cardinal Pell’s great spirit.’

from the foreword by Francis Cardinal Arinze, Prefect
Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments


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