Heaven and Earth

by Nicolas Rothwell

ISBN 1 875989 48 X

B+ format

Published March 2002



This first novel was chosen to launch Duffy & Snellgrove's list of literary fiction. It is a big, unusual book of considerable subtlety and power.

Caspar Kilian is a young American journalist whose father was the crack foreign correspondent of his generation. Caspar is assigned to cover the fall of communism and travels through the demonstrations, revolutions, intrigue and summit meetings of 1989 in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Rumania and Hungary. He has an affair with Isabel Capri, a member of the US State Department, and realises at the end that he has been manipulated by the US government, his employer and the woman he loved.

Eastern Europe's emergence from the dream of communism into the harsh glare of the free market reflects Caspar's own growing up, and his emergence, at the end of the novel, from the shadow of his recently deceased father.



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