Midnight in Sicily

by Peter Robb

ISBN 1 876631 66 X

$30.00 C format

Publication Date: September 2003



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With a new introduction by the author

Peter Robb, who lived in southern Italy for fifteen years, tells the story of Sicily, its opulent coasts, its stark interior, its extraordinary art and rich food, and its layers of culture from east and west. Sicily is also the home of the mafia and Midnight in Sicily shows the grip of organized crime on daily life in Italy’s south and the mafia’s ties to government in Rome, following the career of Giulio Andreotti - seven times prime minister of Italy and now appealing a conviction for conspiracy to murder. The book moves from art to crime to food with tremendous narrative verve and a mass of surprizing detail. Since its first publication in Australia in 1996, Midnight in Sicily has been published in many countries and languages.

‘Quite simply the best book in English about Italy.’
The Economist

‘I loved this book. It left me in a sweet and sour mood of exultation,
grief, despair and hope which lasted for many days.’
Peter Goldsworthy, Adelaide Review

'An extraordinary portrait of a country in deep trouble … full of scenes and characters and plots and tastes and smells and memories … as an introduction to post-war Italy, to the country as well as to its politics, it can have few equals.’
Times Literary Supplement

In October 2003, Duffy & Snellgrove published Peter Robb's new book, A Death in Brazil.



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