Mungo: The Man who Laughs

by Mungo MacCallum

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B format $22.00

B format published August 2002



'The B format release of the best selling memoirs of Mungo MacCallum.

I come from a political family. This is less of a boast than an admission. While a trace of convict or aboriginal ancestry that was once a matter for shame and concealment is now considered rather chic, politicians remain the pits.'

When Mungo MacCallum moved to Canberra in 1967, he was immmediatey caught up in the maelstrom of politcal activity which was sweeping Australia. Already a satirical political journalist of repute, he went to Canberra to see what was happening. There he became one of the most influential and wittiest political chroniclers, writing consistently entertaining material on the facts, analyses and anecdotes of the political animals who inhabit Parliament House.

This book follows his political education, from an adolescent watching the leader of the opposition, Evatt, sticking potato chips in his hair to the Whitlam victory of 1972. It charts the events and people who shaped our history and looks at the factors that led to this unprecedented time in Australia's political life.

Duffy & Snellgrove have also published How To Be A Megalomaniac and Political Anecdotes, both by MacCallum.


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