Pig's Blood

by Peter Robb

ISBN: 1 875989 94 3


Publication: February 2001


Sal's being tried out as a hitman. Being dumb's no problem. Baz is a wannabe celebrity chef. He can't cook, and he's got a secret. Fayette's fourteen. She just wants to kill her step-father and have fun.

Pig's Blood is about people with dreams. It ends badly. People die. It is a confronting yet comic novella that develops fully the darkness and violence that lurks in Robb's non-fiction books, as well as the irony and wit that also characterises his non-fiction writing.

'so amoral and blackly comic that one feels that they are deliberately infected spitballs thrown against the virginal and pretentious window of Australian literature … one has a sense that, for Robb, too much excess is never enough.' Sydney Morning Herald

'Robb delivers us a post-everything world, with no shaved parmesan on the rocket salad of salvation.' The Bulletin

'If you are planning to torment someone to death you could do worse than follow the handy how-to steps … a travesty on civic-minded middle Australia and a work unfit for chaste eyes and ears.' The Australian

In October 2003, Duffy & Snellgrove published Robb's new book, A Death in Brazil.

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