The Power of Pleasure

by Dale Atrens

ISBN 1 875989 78 1


Publication date: September 2000


Why does health advice change from one decade to the next?

This ground-breaking book by a Sydney academic sets out to prove that most of the nutritional advice we receive from health authorities is wrong, the result of food puritanism. Food, argues Atrens, has replaced sex as the main source of guilt in the modern world. One of the book's controversial but life-enhancing claims, all supported by scientific studies, is that in most cases dieting doesn't work, and where it does work, in most cases it leads to a reduction in life expectancy.

Atrens argues that real fat is good for you. Polyunsaturated fat may be bad for our immune systems, which could explain the recent increase in health problems such as asthma. Our immune systems are also weakened by feeling bad about ourselves. So, guilt about food and fat is deadly. Atrens concludes with the advice that it is more healthy to eat a modest amount of real, rich food than a lot of lite rubbish.

This is a book that could change your life.

Dr Atrens has also written Reclaim Your Body, Reclaim your Life.


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