A Year of Slow Food

by David and Gerda Foster

ISBN 1 876631 465

B format $22.00
C format $33.00

B format published June 2002


For over twenty years, Australian novelist David Foster and his wife Gerda have lived a largely self-sufficient life in the Southern Highlands of NSW, growing and making much of their own food. The book follows a year in their garden, discussing the cycles of planting and harvesting, and providing a recipe each week which best complements the seasonal food in the garden.

Slow Food is a movement that began in Italy some decades ago, and has branches around the world, including Australia. It's dedicated to the growing, preparation and cooking of food using traditional methods. Its adherents follow the motto: "Live like a peasant, eat like a king." David and Gerda were completely unaware of the existence of this movement before they conceived the title and wrote the first part of their book.

While the focus here is always on the food and its ingredients, the book also shows what it's like to live close to the earth. It should appeal to everyone who ever dreamed of moving to the country, as well as those who have done so, or own hobby farms.

The book is beautifully photographed in colour by Peter Solness, the highly regarded Australian nature photographer.


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