Ruth Park's Sydney

by Ruth Park

ISBN 1 876631 76 7

B format $22.00

Publication date: November 2003


A lively account of the history and culture of Sydney by a much-loved local author. The book is intended for residents interested in the history of their city, and for the more cultured tourist.

Contains a great number of fascinating anecdotes about places and buildings and the historical figures associated with them. It serves as an admirable companion to the more practical guides to Sydney (eg. Lonely Planet) and is much shorter than its house-brick competitors.

Contains six maps and 24 pages of colour photos.

'Brilliantly written, as if Ruth Park is actually there with you as a friend.' Elizabeth Ellis in the Sydney Morning Herald

The Park style is a perfectly tuned instrument, in charge of imagery and information, with a little picture bomb going off in the mind's eye every third line or so.' Alex Buzo, Sydney Morning Herald



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