The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco

by John Birmingham

ISBN 1 875989 29 3


Published May 1997


This novel is the sequel to He Died With a Felafel in His Hand, John Birmingham's 1994 best-seller which led to a successful stage play and tape/CD. Felafel has been made into a film starring Noah Taylor, and has been published in Britain.

When JB and his flatmates took in the new guy they had their doubts. The Celine Dion albums, the fluffy hordes of stuffed animals and the plastic-covered floral-pattern love seat should have set their threat detectors singing. But nobody was paying attention. Within days their house had become a swirling maelstrom of death metal junkies and Drug War narcs, stolen goods and hired goons, Tasmanian Babes, karate dykes, evil yuppies, dopey greens and the Sandmen of the Terror Data. Now the flatmates have one week to sober up, find two thousand dollars and catch the runaway new guy before Pauline Hanson, the federal government, cops, crims, their landlord and some very angry lesbians tear their house down and stomp them to jelly.

Can a bunch of hapless losers hope to defeat such an unholy alliance?

'This year's funniest book.' - Terry Pratchett



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