Dry Dock

by Cathy Cole

ISBN: 1 876631 29 5


Publication of reprint: April 2002


Balmain, once the industrial, blue-collar engine room of Sydney, is being transformed. The older locals are being squeezed out by the cashed-up developers and hungry young professionals keen for a town house near the city. Water views add value ... but are they worth killing for?

Enter Nicole Sharpe, a twenty-nine-year-old private investigator. She's lived in Balmain all her life and is worried about what's happening in her suburb. When a friend of her father's suspects major union fraud then disappears, and a local resident suffers repeated threats and vandalism, Nicola realises that something is very, very wrong. On Cockatoo Island, an evil secret is about to surface.

Skindeep is the second book by Cathy Cole featuring PI Nicola Sharpe.




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