How To Be a Man

by Birmingham & Flinthart

2nd, greatly expanded, edition

C Format: ISBN 1 875989 28 5
Publication date: November 1998

B Format: ISBN 1875989 93 5
Publication date: February 2001


Once described as 'the apostle of grunge', John Birmingham now lives with a lawyer in a flat with polished floorboards and knows how to make real coffee. In this book he shows how you too can do these things.

A guide to morals, manners and work for the modern young man, How to Be a Man is the ideal present for men in their twenties. It marks an important advance in the great project, so dear to the hearts of many Australian women, of civilising the Australian male.

The first edition, by John Birmingham, appeared in 1996. It is now out of print, but can be purchased through us. Visit our Shop for more details. To the many jokes and stories told by famous Australians in that edition has been added a wealth of practical information, tripling the size of the book.

This essential, occasionally humorous, instruction book for the lost arts of manliness includes advice on such important matters as:

  • How to swallow a sword

  • How to prepare a CV

  • One hundred things about culture you should know by the age of 30

  • How to survive in the bush

  • How to land a jumbo jet

  • How to attract women

  • How to keep the women you attract

  • How to clean a kitchen

  • What the fiddly bits in a toolbox are for

Thematically organised to cover the full spectrum of masculine endeavour, this is a very different kind of reference work, combining the learned, the anecdotal and the hilarious. It includes tips from Kathy Bail, Paul Barry, Alex Buzo, Quentin Dempster, Len Evans, Rex Hunt, Les Murray and Helen Wellings.



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