Midnight in Sicily

by Peter Robb

ISBN 1 875989 20 X


Published Oct 1996


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By the author of M and Pig's Blood.

'A cornucopia . . . offering culinary debate, seething streetscapes, crime stories, profiles of celebrities and nonentities, elegant and insightful critiques of contemporary literature and art . . . Sicily (and Naples) are on trial in this splendid book, but the author lovingly appears for both the prosecution and the defence.' - Mary Rose Liverani, NSW Law Society Journal

'It leaves you with a portrait of Sicily so sharp and detailed that you feel as if you've made the trip and done the research and interviewing yourself . . . [Robb is] a master of the apt word and phrase . . . a new and original Australian writer.' - Peter Corris, Sydney Morning Herald

'One of the most enjoyable books to be published this year.' - Jamie Grant, Who Weekly

'A seductive, seamless blend . . . a scrutiny of Neapolitan and Sicilian cultures, of their landscape, their feuds, their food, their hierarchies, their habits, architecture and killings.' - Mark Thomas, Canberra Times

'In his splendid evocation of this tough, sparse and complex region, Robb brings to life the contradictions that plague the Italian nation.' - Weekend Australian

'Peter Robb is the greatest discovery of the year. His book has the vivid detail of the very best writing . . . This is far more than 'travel writing'. A debut as good as this must lead to a notable career.' - Robert Gray, Sydney Morning Herald (Best Books of '96)

'Robb writes with insight, and with admiration for all that is alluring in the Mezzogiorno, Italy's south, its rottenness and its richness. [From Andreotti and the mafia] he shifts authoritatively to couscous with fish or to a mini-essay on criminology and architecture. Robb and I lived for four of the same years in Italy. His book showed me how much I had missed in not knowing him and I strongly recommend you not to miss it now.' - Duncan Campbell, former Australian ambassador to Italy, Australian's Review of Books

'Wisdom mixed with stylistic verve . . . The overall effect is of the dense, heightened conversation of an unstoppable raconteur, holding forth over a meal of pasta con le sarde or another of the local delicacies he describes with such sensual relish . . .I loved this book. It left me in a sweet and sour mood of exultation, grief, despair and hope which lasted for many days.' - Peter Goldsworthy, Australian Book Review

'I cannot recommend a better book to anyone interested in Italy . . . it is written from the inside, with a refined understanding of the psyche of Southern Italy . . . a triumph.' - Stefano de Pieri, Adelaide Review


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