by George Molnar

ISBN 1 875989 77 3


Publication date: November 2000



Reprint of legendary 1954 illustrated satirical masterpiece by Sydney Morning Herald cartoonist, plus previously unpublished book.

'My thesis is simple. I believe that all our troubles are caused by using abstract instead of human standards in our everyday life, in art, in politics, in economics. We have to stop that. We have to humanise ourselves. The first step is to have more statues.'
George Molnar

In this book Molnar presents statues that could save the world, or at least your sanity. His line, as admirers of his cartoons will remember, is sharp, deft, and satirical. The captions are a joy. This is a work of humour and satire, an attack on the pernicious influence of abstraction. It includes a sequel, More Statues, which remained unpublished at the time of Molnar's death.

This book includes: Statue for Lonely Walks (available for hire), Ambitious Statue as Mould to Grow Into, Statue to Prevent Loneliness in the bath, Dignified Statue for Making Up a Dinner Party, and the Monumental Statue Finished Abruptly Owing to Lack of Funds.

Statues was a hit on its initial publication in Australia, and was published around the world. We are proud to be bringing it back into print.


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