A Wealth of Women

by Alison Alexander

ISBN 1 876631 45 7

B format $25.00 (June 2002)
C format $30.00

Published June 2002



A popular history of Australian women's lives from 1788 to today. Many books have been written about famous women, but this one captures the experience of life as it was lived by thousands of convicts, pioneers, and women of the Victorian era and the Twentieth Century.

But these women are not anonymous. Alison Alexander conducted a History Search and received stories from over 400 living women, about their ancestors going back many generations. So the book consists of hundreds of vignettes about the real lives of named women. These stories will excite and move you as the book ranges across the nation and across the centuries.

There is also a series of "snapshots" illustrating how women's lives have changed in areas such as food, fashion, health and technology.

The book contains 100 black and white pictures and photos, reproduced on art paper.



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